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Web Browser Upgrade to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or Later. See instructions below.
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Read This Before Making Any Changes.
Do NOT make any changes to your workstation or browser if your company prohibits its employees from making such changes or if you are not thoroughly familiar with the procedures involved.   TitleSCAN Systems strongly recommends that you consult your computer support person for assistance and guidance before making any changes to your workstation or web browser.
Upgrade Browser All TitleSCAN Web applications require Internet Explorer (IE) Version 6.0 or later which can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site at no charge. Internet Explorer Version 6.0 can operate on Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, and Windows XP SP1 as well as on all current server operating systems.
Enable Javascript Javascript is normally enabled as a browser default. If this is not the case and you need to enable Javascript, go to the Internet Explorer Tools menu. Select Internet Options. Then, select the Security tab. Select Internet which appears below an image of a globe. Click on the Custom Level button below. Scroll down to Active Scripting (near the bottom of the list).   Select Enable and click the OK button below and the OK button to leave the Internet Options screen. You must then exit Internet Explorer and restart it for this change to take effect.
Obtain XML Parser TitleSCAN Web requires the Microsoft XML Parser version 3.0 SP2 or later. This parser is W3C compliant, and all TitleSCAN XML processing is designed to be fully compliant with international standards. Internet Explorer 6.0 and later provide this parser as a standard feature.

If you are running Internet Explorer 6.0 or later and do NOT have the XML Parser version 3.0 SP2 or later, an older version of the parser must have been loaded on your computer some time in the past, possibly as part of some other software installation. In order to run TitleSCAN Web - Plant, you need to reinstall the Microsoft XML Parser version 3.0, which can be obtained from the Microsoft web site at no charge.

To do this, go to www.microsoft.com. Select Downloads. Use the Search All Downloads and search for XML Parser. From the search results, choose MSXML (Microsoft XML Parser) 3.0 SP 7 or later. Please Note: Do not download version 4.0 since that version will not function in the manner required in IE 6.0. Follow the download instructions provided to download and install the parser.
Enable Cookies TitleSCAN Web does NOT use cookies EXCEPT to store your login information on your workstation if that feature is activated and to store your color scheme choice. During a TitleSCAN Web session, all TitleSCAN Web temporary information is stored on the TitleSCAN Web server; however, for this to be done, the Microsoft Internet Information Server requires that at least 'session' cookies be enabled. You can do this in several ways. You can enable all cookies, you can enable only session cookies (cookies that are automatically deleted when you exit Internet Explorer), or you can selectively enable cookies for the TitleSCAN Web domain. If you are not familiar with this or if modifications of this sort are not permitted in your company, you should see your systems administrator or systems support person for assistance. If you do wish to modify your cookies settings, you can do so from within Internet Explorer. If you are running Internet Explorer 6.0, go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy. Click the Sites button to override cookie handling for just the TitleSCAN Web site. Or, to make general cookie handling changes (recommended), click the Advanced button. Select Override automatic cookie handling. Then, select Always allow session cookies. If you are blocking First- or Third-party cookies, you can continue to do so, although First-Party cookies must be enabled if you want to have TitleSCAN Web store your Login and Color Scheme information on your workstation. Then, click OK, and exit from Internet Options. You must then close and restart Internet Explorer for these changes to take effect.

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